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Welcome to Adaptive PC Solutions – Your Trusted Technology Partner in Jenison, MI!

At Adaptive PC Solutions, we’re not just an IT company; we’re your local technology ally. Whether you’re a business seeking dependable Managed IT Services or a resident in need of expert Break/Fix solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Our mission is simple: to keep your technology running smoothly. With a team of skilled technicians, state-of-the-art tools, and a commitment to excellence, we provide proactive IT solutions for businesses and responsive support for individuals. Your success is our priority.

Explore our comprehensive services and discover how we can empower your digital world. Join the countless businesses and residents who’ve chosen Adaptive PC Solutions for reliable, tailored, and local technology expertise. Let’s navigate the digital realm together.

In today’s ever-evolving IT landscape, managing technology can feel like a formidable challenge. From safeguarding basic PC security to harnessing the potential of cloud computing and orchestrating intricate clustered server configurations, the need for continuous vigilance and updates to prevent costly disruptions is paramount.

At Adaptive, our expertise spans across small to medium-sized businesses and residential services, making us your go-to choice for comprehensive computing device solutions. Our extensive service portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of offerings, each meticulously customized to meet the unique needs of every customer. From responsive break/fix support to top-tier email management, robust cybersecurity measures, insightful consulting, and beyond – we’ve got your IT needs covered.

Managed Services

Adaptive excels in catering to both small to medium-sized businesses and residential clients, positioning us as your premier destination for holistic computing solutions. Our diverse service array spans a wide spectrum, all thoughtfully tailored to address the specific requirements of each client. From swift, problem-solving break/fix assistance to cutting-edge email management, fortified cybersecurity protocols, invaluable consulting services, and more – we have the breadth and depth to fulfill all your IT demands comprehensively.

Break / Fix Services

Require a quick fix? No problem – we’ve got you covered! Simply drop off your device at our store, and we’ll have it up and running in a jiffy. Can’t make it to our location? Worry not; you can easily schedule a remote support appointment today!

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

A robust backup and disaster recovery strategy is essential for ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Whether it’s safeguarding against crypto-ware attacks or mitigating the impact of hardware failures, even minor incidents can disrupt your day-to-day functions. Don’t take chances – secure your business today!

Cyber Security & Awareness Training

In today’s digital landscape, numerous security breaches occur due to users unknowingly encountering threats. It’s vital to equip yourself with the knowledge to identify phishing attempts and to ensure the robust security of your network. This awareness is critical in protecting yourself from falling prey to malicious actors. Stay informed and stay secure!

Help Desk

At times, what you require is swift and efficient assistance precisely when you need it. Whether it’s a single urgent issue or continuous access to a top-tier help desk, we can adapt our services to meet your unique support requirements. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities, and we’re here to provide the level of support that suits you best!

Consulting Services

If you’re aiming to tackle a substantial project while minimizing downtime and ensuring everything is executed flawlessly, you’ve found the perfect solution! Our adept team specializes in managing projects of all scales. Reach out to us today, and let’s start a conversation about how we can assist you in achieving your project goals seamlessly and efficiently.

Not finding what your looking for? No worries! If it has a computer, we can help! give us a call and let us take your tech troubles away!

See what others are saying!

Craig Flietstra
Craig Flietstra
Rob was very knowable and honest about what could be wrong with my computer. While I still at the store, Rob turned on the computer and for a brief time, my desk top appeared. Immediately, I told Rob, that if possible, download my most important folder. The, computer was running very slowly, but he got it. Next, day my computer was fixed. As it turns out, I didn't need to have the folder downloaded to a flash drive, but it was very nice to have Rob get it for me, just in case.
Rob Eureka
Rob Eureka
This place is awesome! Better pricing than most. Also was able to fix my PC problems within a couple days. Geek Squad said it would takes a couple WEEKS. Sorry I'll take days over weeks anytime!! Many weeks later and these guys are still the best in town! Very personal care.
James Sullivan
James Sullivan
Great service. Great people. Great price. Highly recommend.
Derrick Noordyke
Derrick Noordyke
Did a great job, professional transparent and friendly. I'd use them again.
Shaun McClurken
Shaun McClurken
I like the staff here. Quite knowledgeable and very polite. This new place is my new go to.
Gus Pines
Gus Pines
I typically don't leave reviews but in this instance, I feel compelled. I am completely ignorant when it comes to computer issues so when Rob had contacted me and told me the repair would be approximately $350, I approved it and thought nothing more of it. The next day Rob called me and told me he was able to correct the issue and saved me some money as well. I want to publicly thank Rob at Adaptive PC Solutions for not only his exceptional service but also his exceptional character. This man's honesty saved me over half of what I had planned to spend ($217 to be exact) and I can't thank him enough. Thank you to Rob for being not only a great computer technician but more importantly, thank you for being a good human. This world could use a few more like that.
Ayreanna Buzzitta
Ayreanna Buzzitta
Wonderful and fast service! Was very helpful answering all my questions.
Hunter S
Hunter S
Fixed my lab top! Working like it’s brand new, couldent recommended enough!