PC/Workstation and Network Safety

In today’s world security is much more complicated than simply installing an anti-virus and moving on, its more of a patchwork of various methods actors will use to compromise your system. Traditional virus’s have been out-shadowed by Cryptolockers and targeted phishing campaigns, hostile actors taking advantage of outdated or flawed technology, frankly, its a mess. Ensuring your sensitive files and personal information are safe and secure is a full time job. This is where we come in. Stop in today and we’ll give your device a thorough checkup to ensure it’s health and security, or book a remote or on-site appointment and we can test the vulnerability of your network and all your devices. Whatever level of help your looking for we’ve got you covered.


While not always top of mind a software security package is just as important today as it’s ever been. While the virus landscape has evolved in recent years, malicious software is as abundant as ever. Picking the right security solution is an important layer in your overall security profile.

Network Security

Often overlooked, securing your network and network devices is often your first layer of defense when fending off would-be attackers. Having properly configured and updated public facing devices and services is critical to warding off numerus types of attacks that can cost you valuable time and money to recovery from.


Phishing is a method of compromising user credentials in where the attacker will send an email disguised to look like one from a vendor or service that is used by the company. This kind of attack is very prevalent in today’s world and making sure you are properly aware and trained to spot those “spoofed” emails can stop an intrusion before it’s ever started.


Data breaches happen all the time, even by the biggest companies and often times these events don’t get the attention they warrant. As a result, many people find accounts and passwords they often used have already been compromised and an attack could just be just around the corner. Monitoring your personal information for their appearance in these breaches isn’t something your average person is going be able to do effectively. With our Darkweb monitoring services, you’ll be notified immediately of any stolen passwords, usernames, accounts or other personal information that has been compromised.


Should all else fail, having an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place can be the difference between minutes and weeks of downtime. Whether it’s a workstation or a server ensuring an up to date image based hybrid local-cloud backup provides both peace of mind and buisness continuity.